“We stand together with Palestinian captives on hunger strike”: BDS Turkey and Samidoun

The Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network (Samidoun) and BDS Turkey (The Initiative to Boycott Israel for Palestine) stage a protest to offer their support to Palestinian captives on hunger strike


A hunger strike that was started by around 1,500 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails under the leadership of Marwan Barghouti on 17 April, Palestinian Prisoners’ Day, entered its 20th day on 6 May to demand an end to the occupying regime’s arbitrary arrests and policies of isolation, as well as to demand telephone rights, family visitation rights and sufficient medical care.

Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network (Samidoun) and BDS Turkey (The Initiative to Boycott Israel for Palestine) staged a protest in Galatasaray Square on 6 May to support all Palestinian captives on hunger strike.

The Solidarity with Captives Initiative (TDİ), Human Rights Foundation (İHD) and the Human Rights Foundation of Turkey (TİHV) also lent support to the protest for Palestinian captives.

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TİHV: We will raise our voice for Palestinian captives

As human rights defenders, the TİHV understands the plight of the Palestinian people, the association’s Istanbul representative, Ümit Efe, said at the protest, adding that the TİHV condemned the occupying regime’s policies of oppression.

We are closely watching the inhuman treatment of Palestinians in Israeli jails. The occupying regime is continuing its policies of destruction and denial toward the Palestinians with such measures. Just as in Ireland, Italy and Turkey, Palestinian prisoners are embarking upon hunger strikes with salt and water as they have no other tools at their disposal but their bodies. We say that we will raise our voice for them and that we will strengthen our solidarity in an effort to end the policies of destruction and occupation. Let us all remind the doctors that will forcibly intervene in the situation about the great damage that the prisoners on hunger strike are facing and that no intervention can be made without the consent of the patient. When intervention is forced upon those resisting, they develop Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome. We will raise the voice of Palestinian prisoners.

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İHD: Those that resist will say the last word

The destiny of the people in the Middle East is not oppression, even though some see it as fitting, İHD Istanbul Branch member Mine Nazari said. “Those that resist will absolutely have the last word. Today, I salute all prisoners who have offered up their bodies to hunger in Palestine. I want to note once more that we stand next to them. With respect,” she said.

TDİ: We salute the resistance of the Palestinians

TDİ Term Spokesperson Gülsev Kaya began her speech with salutations to prisoners on hunger strike.

The month of May is the month of resistance,” said Kaya. “The region is different, but fascism’s attacks are the same. But the resistance of prisoners against these attacks is the same. As the Solidarity with Captives Initiative, we salute the resistance of Palestinians in Palestine.”

A press statement in Turkish and Arabic was delivered following the speeches.

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“The forces of occupation are attacking Palestinian captives”

Mutlu Örs, who delivered the Turkish version of the statement, reminded participants that 1,500 Palestinian prisoners had begun an indefinite hunger strike dubbed the “Freedom and Honor Strike” on 17 April, the Day of Solidarity with Palestinian Prisoners.

Prisoners from nearly every Palestinian political group in the prisons of the occupying Israeli state, particularly the Hadarim, Gilboa and Nafha prisons, are participating in the strike, said Örs.

While serious problems are becoming evident in the health of some captives, the forces of the occupation are resorting to a variety of methods to break the will of the hunger strikers, including physical attacks. While the personal effects and clothes of some prisoners have been confiscated, salt, which is required to continue the hunger strike, is not being provided to prisoners in some prisons,” Örs said.

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Friends of the Palestinian people everywhere

Despite all these pressures and attacks, the hunger strike is growing, Örs said, noting that arrested PFLP General Secretary Ahmet Saadat had also joined the action.

Corc Ibrahim Abdallah, a Lebanese-Palestinian revolutionary who has been held for close to 30 years in France and whose release has been blocked by the United States, lent support with a three-day hunger strike. From Tunisia to Chile, France to Ireland, Australia and New Zealand to Canada and the USA, many friends of the Palestinian people are sending support to Palestinian prisoners in Zionism’s prisons with protests and activities,” Örs said.

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“Freedom to all Palestinian prisoners”

Together with supporting groups, we, as BDS Turkey and the Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network (Samidoun), salute the Freedom and Honor Strike from Istanbul,” said Örs.

We repeat that [Palestinian prisoners] are not alone in their struggle and that the true path of showing solidarity with them passes through boycotting all Israeli institutions and severing all ties with the Zionist regime. We especially call for a boycott of the G4S and HP brands which offer ‘services’ to Israeli prisons and are thus partners in their crimes,” Örs said.

Following the press statement, protesters consumed salty water in solidarity with the Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike.

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Photographs: Murat Bay/Sendika.Org

Source: bdsturkiye.org