Demonstration for Gaza at Istanbul Ambarlı Port: “Freedom for Palestine, boycott for Israel”

In protest against Turkey’s support to the Occupation with what it needs to continue the massacre in Gaza demonstration in front of one of the ports of Istanbul

Many representatives of unions and parties in Turkey demonstrated in front of one of the ports in Istanbul to express their anger and their rejection of the continuation of trade relations with the Occupation, which provides it with everything it wants in order to continue the massacre it is carrying out in Gaza and all of Palestine.

The participants indicated that there are many ships that transport food supplies, materials needed to manufacture weapons, and fuel necessary for the Zionist entity to continue its military campaign. Below is the statement that was read at the gate of the port where one of these ships landed last night:

“Turkey is still continuing its trade relations with the Israeli occupation state today, and as such it is a direct supporter and partner of the ongoing massacre in Gaza. With the encouragement of the government that has been in power since 2002, this trade volume has increased from $1.41 billion to $8.91 billion. This increasing trade volume includes supplying raw materials for the arms industry and joint trade between arms producing companies in both countries, which contributes to the continuation of the occupation and its massacres on the land of Palestine. Today, ships traveling between Turkish and Israeli ports provide raw materials for military equipment, the oil needed to operate aircraft and tanks, and food supplies needed by the Occupation to continue its aggression.

On a daily basis, more than 15 ships appear to be en route to transport these goods from ports throughout Turkey, from Mersin and Istanbul, and from Iskenderun and Izmir, to the ports of the Occupation. Some of these ships travel between Ambarlı and Akçansa ports in Istanbul and the port of Ashdod. The ship named Mario A, which carried materials from Mersin through Haifa to the port of Ashdod on October 29, and departed from Ashdod on November 2, returned to Ambarlı in Istanbul last night and is expected to load the goods and transport them again to the Occupation. The ships Admiral Mars and Musa Bey also recently sailed from this port to reach out to the relief of the Occupation.

While Gaza is still subjected to circumstances amounting to a war crime with water, food, medicine, electricity, fuel, and the Internet cut off, we demand Turkey to immediately stop this trade, which serves strengthening the Occupation. At the same time, we call on our fellow workers to refuse to load these ships. This stance that they will take will be a great hope for the Palestinian people and for humanity raising its voice all through the world for the freedom of Palestine. 6 November 2023”