BDS Turkey: We will not abandon the case of arrested volunteer Harun Turgan

Harun Turgan, one of the founders of BDS Turkey and a steadfast volunteer for the movement, has been arrested for participating in the commemoration of communist leader İbrahim Kaypakkaya. We condemn how the Turkish government, which is currently normalizing ties with Israel, has arrested a friend of Palestine. We will continue to stand with Turgan


Harun Turgan, one of the founders of BDS Turkey (The Initiative to Boycott Israel for Palestine) and a volunteer for the organization who has participated in solidarity events for Palestine for many years, was arrested on 24 May, three days after being detained in Kadıköy for participating in the commemoration of revolutionary Turkish leader İbrahim Kaypakkaya.

Turgan was first detained and then subjected to torture that included being handcuffed behind the back. Photos from a holding cell showed other participants that were detained alongside Turgan bloodied in the face.

As a movement that is familiar with the reality in Palestine of severely restricted freedoms and other oppression, we categorically condemn the unprecedented and illegitimate punishment of a friend of Palestine by the courts of a government that sees no harm in normalizing ties with Israel. Accordingly, we will continue to stand in solidarity with Harun Turgan during this case.